About Us

3ischools is an integrated end-to-end solution

Every school has its two different worlds in it. One is the academic world which wants every pass out of the school to be an achiever. Second is administration, which longs for profits and a unique identity in the crowd. 3ischools is conceptualized to bring out the best of the both worlds for you and can easily be adopted by any school regardless of the education board that they follow. 3ischools adds fluency and pace to every task of your school beginning from admissions to results. In the middle of them it accelerates and adds perfection to fee management, attendance management, time tables and result sheets.

3ischools has something for everyone:

For administrator, it has admission manager, fee manager, transport manager, workforce governor.


For teachers, it has attendance tracker, homework, smart time table, messenger, examination and result generation system.


For students, it has online assignments, online diary, academic calendar and a notice board.


For parents, it is all about monitoring their child's activities and performances.

Additionally, it connects them all through school’s very personal messaging system. At the same time, it has separate notice board, calendars, time-tables, for students and teachers. To send the right information to the right person, 3ischools offers different login areas for parents, teachers, students and the school.

The beauty of 3ischools is that administration can view activities of teachers, students and parents from the school’s log in area. Parents can track the progress of their child, see results and can communicate directly with the teachers through parent’s login area. Similarly teachers can write diaries, notices, generate results for students and parents from teacher’s login area and can now create and distribute their assignments online. Students can view notice board, school activities, timetables, school calendar, results online and can receive continuous career guidance through their student login area. All in all, 3ischools is engineered to create harmonious combination of pace and sustain ability for continuous progress.